We create immersive audio experiences for virtual reality, 360º film, installation, performance and broadcast media.



With 25 years experience in sound design, recording and music, Sonic State Design prides itself on creative collaboration of the highest standard. 

Under the guiding eye of Darius Kedros and a team of specialists, VR experiences, performances, broadcast content and installations are brought to life with skillfully crafted immersive audio.

360º Film.
End to end sound services for 360º film. From the pre-production planning, through location recording using our industry leading ambisonic microphones, to the post-production sound design process - we create beautifully crafted, spatialised, immersive audio for your cinematic VR experiences.

Game Engine.
We work with your creative and technical team to create fully spatialised VR experiences in your game engine.

Imaginative, interactive, immersive audio design and music for museum or gallery spaces.

Sound design / sound art and music production for theatre, and live art performances.

Broadcast / Webcast.

Sound design / sound art and music production for radio and podcast



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